Intersectionality for Public Policy Leaders

Intersectionality Certificate

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Course Overview

This course is designed to complement skills of executive leaders engaged in public policy and public administration—particularly across the social and economic domains—within and outside government. The course will enable public sector leaders to design intersectional policies to achieve equitable outcomes for the public. The material in the course is designed to expand and build upon professional development in the areas of diversity and inclusion.

What it covers

  • Intersectionality

    Presents an overview of the principles of intersectionality, and using intersectionality as a framework for equitable public policy.

  • Consider intersecting identities

    Examines the intersections of gender, race, and culture and the role that intersectionality plays in bringing equality.

  • Public policy applications

    Demonstrates the relevance of intersectionality in public policy and how to apply the principles to public policy practices.

How to complete

  • Learn

    Read and interact with each module to learn about the definition and scope of intersectionality, and how it can be applied to public policy.

  • Reflect

    Adapt the principles to your specific public policy area, critically reflecting on your capacity to apply your learnings.

  • Achieve

    Apply your knowledge of intersectionality to future public policy projects and share your learnings with others in your professional field.

Migration Council Australia

Migration Council Australia is an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit body established to enhance the benefits of Australia’s migration program and support better settlement outcomes for Australia’s migrants and refugees.

The Council works across sectors—and fosters partnerships between community, industry and government—to provide a national voice for effective migration and settlement programs.

We believe that the success of the migration is critical to Australia’s future prosperity. Supporting effective settlement for new migrants and refugees is an in vestment in the future of the Australian community and economy.

Harmony Alliance

Harmony Alliance: Migrant and Refugee Women for Change is Australia’s migrant and refugee women’s coalition. We provide a platform for migrant and refugee women to directly engage in driving positive change. The Alliance works with individuals, communities, private sector bodies, and public policy institutions in order to share the unique perspectives of migrant and refugee women in Australia.

We support and encourage the embedding of the principles of intersectionality – including ongoing reflection, substantive representation, and commitment to equity – in policy and practice.

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