Employment in Settlement Practice

Employment in Settlement Practice - Certificate of Achievement

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Course Overview

The Employment in Settlement Practice course has been designed for settlement practitioners who specialise in helping clients find and keep employment.

The course supports settlement practitioners to build their capacity to help clients find and keep work, with a specific focus on building skills that promote a greater understanding of employers and their priorities.

The course will help you to learn how effectively engage with employers by speaking the language of business owners and operators. It will take you through how to develop a value proposition that matches the needs of employers, how to support clients through work preparation activities, including coaching and mentoring and how to identify and match job ready clients into suitable employment placements.

Lastly, the course provides an introduction to business start-ups for newly arrived vulnerable migrants and refugees.

This course is aligned to the Settlement Service Providers’ Guide  to Working Effectively with Employers (SETSCoP, 2020).

What it covers

  • Engaging with employers

    Explore the value of meeting with employers and engaging with them to develop new value propositions that will result in positive outcomes for both settlement clients and employers.

  • Developing a pool of job ready clients

    Discover a model of extended job readiness support that prepares job ready clients and describes how they can be matched to employer needs.

  • Introduction to business start-ups

    Examine the challenges and opportunities for newly arrived vulnerable migrants and refugees, to establish their own business.

  • Workplace integration

    Commit to the challenge for all stakeholders and the role of settlement service providers in giving post placement support to both the placed employee and the employer.

How to complete

  • Learn


    Read through the course which supports the shift in the way settlement practitioners support their clients into employment, reinforcing the need for a greater understanding of employers and their priorities.

  • Test your knowledge

    Test your knowledge

    Complete our quizzes and self-reflections to ensure you have a deeper grasp of the content.

  • Achieve


    Apply the knowledge you have gained through this course and the case studies provided to your own settlement practice.


SETSCoP is a community of practice (CoP) bringing together service providers who support refugees and vulnerable migrants under the Settlement Engagement and Transition Support (SETS) program.

As a collective, SETSCoP is committed to learning and developing new approaches to better settle refugees and vulnerable migrants. With a focus on empowering the most vulnerable, SETSCoP plays a crucial role in identifying ways to improve the economic and social participation, independence, wellbeing and community engagement of those recently settled in the our community.


Migration Council Australia

Migration Council Australia

Migration Council Australia is an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit body established to enhance the benefits of Australia’s migration program and support better settlement outcomes for Australia’s migrants and refugees.

The Council works across sectors—and fosters partnerships between community, industry and government—to provide a national voice for effective migration and settlement programs.

We believe that the success of the migration is critical to Australia’s future prosperity. Supporting effective settlement for new migrants and refugees is an in vestment in the future of the Australian community and economy.


Supported by Australian Government

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