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Course Overview

This online learning module will enable settlement workers to understand some of the specific needs and experiences of young people with a migrant and refugee background, the need for, and the purpose of the National Youth Settlement Framework and the components that are part of the framework.


What it covers

  • Youth from refugee and migrant backgrounds

    Increase knowledge of the particular settlement needs of young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

  • Young people's settlement support needs

    Increase knowledge of why there is a need for a youth-specific approach to settlement.

  • Where are young people settling in Australia?

    Help determine training for young people settling across Australia.

  • National Youth Settlement Framework (NYSF) and its importance

    Understand the role and purpose of MYAN and the purpose of the National Youth Settlement Framework.

How to complete

  • Learn


    Read through each module, which provides basic information on how to manage your money in Australia.

  • Test your knowledge

    Test your knowledge

    Create a budget for you or your household, based on the information and tips provided.

  • Achieve


    Apply the knowledge you have gained through this course to any financial decisions you make in the future.


SETSCoP is a community of practice (CoP) bringing together service providers who support refugees and vulnerable migrants under the Settlement Engagement and Transition Support (SETS) program. As a collective, SETSCoP is committed to learning and developing new approaches to better settle refugees and vulnerable migrants. With a focus on empowering the most vulnerable, SETSCoP plays a crucial role in identifying ways to improve the economic and social participation, independence, wellbeing and community engagement of those recently settled in the our community. 

Social Policy Group

The Social Policy Group (SPG) is a national, non-government, not-for-profit body with specialist expertise in social policy and program design with a focus on population diversity, social and community cohesion, gender equality, community participation and inclusion, systems’ responsiveness, and community outreach and engagement. 

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