Migrant and Refugee Women’s Leadership in Community Wellbeing: COVID-19, Health Promotion and Prevention

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Course Overview

This course—Migrant and Refugee Women’s Leadership in Community Wellbeing: COVID-19, Health Promotion and Prevention—is designed to provide refugee and migrant women with the knowledge, skills and tools to lead COVID-19 prevention initiatives in their communities, as well as engage in broader health promotion and prevention.

The course is suitable for women from migrant and refugee backgrounds who are interested in building on their existing capabilities and learning new skills to support their communities.

The material in this course is designed to:

  • introduce different leadership styles and support you in building your own leadership style
  • support you to communicate effectively
  • give you practical strategies for leading
  • help you communicate about COVID-19 and broader health issues.

Learning objectives

  1. Identify and understand refugee and migrant women’s key role in leadership, different leadership styles and strategies in a community setting
  2. Apply communication techniques and strategies targeting community members when promoting COVID-19 prevention and awareness
  3. Recognise risks of communication breakdown when discussing COVID-19 and how to mitigate it
  4. Analyse communication strategies, leadership styles, and trust-building exercises that will enable you to facilitate effective communication about COVID-19
  5. Recognise the impact that being a community leader in the time of a health crisis has on your own mental health and wellbeing

What it covers

  • Female leadership

    Know more about the importance of refugee and migrant female leadership.

  • Effective communication

    Learn how to communicate effectively with your community.

  • COVID-19 information

    Basic information about COVID-19 and vaccinations.

  • Applying your skills

    Master how to apply leadership and communication strategies to influence someone who has a different opinion to you.

How to complete

  • Learn


    Complete each module on leadership and communication skills in a health crisis

  • Test your knowledge

    Reflect and test your knowledge

    Work through activities, reflection questions and short multiple-choice quizzes

  • Achieve


    Share your leadership and communications skills with your community to lead health promotion and prevention activities

Migration Council Australia

Migration Council Australia

Migration Council Australia is an independent, national not-for-profit body established to enhance the benefits of Australia’s migration program and support better settlement outcomes for Australia’s migrants and refugees. MCA works across sectors—and fosters partnerships between community, industry and government—to provide a national voice for effective migration and settlement programs.


This e-learning course was developed with support from the Victorian Government through the Priority Response to Multicultural Communities during Coronavirus (PRMC) program

Supported by Australian Government

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